"I highly recommend Norris Orthodontics to anyone. Dr. Norris is truly the best!!" Read More


"I am an adult wearing retainers to straighten out my teeth from where my teeth moved from the last time I had braces in middle school. I heard wonderful things about Dr. Norris and came to him with a unique problem. I wanted to find a customized plan that would help get my teeth to where I want them before my wedding in two months. After consulting with Dr. Norris and his staff we were able to find a workable solution to my problem that was extremely budget friendly and fit my lifestyle. Everything from the atmosphere to the staff was extremely pleasant and I highly recommend Norris Orthodontics to anyone. Dr. Norris is truly the best!!" - Victoria Chambers

"I had a really fun time and thought the chairs were very comfy. I loved the hospitality and was treated like i was already a member of the family! Dr. Don is awesome!" -Ashley Crowley

"Dr. Norris is awesome! Very professional and he is also wonderful with kids. My kids love him! I recommend him to anyone looking for a great orthodontist!" - Debbie Bethers

"I recommend Dr. Norris in every way. He was my son's orthodontist and did a fantastic job. My daughter is scheduled for a consult next week and is very excited! Dr. Norris is professional, talented, patient and honest." - Cathy Pierce

"I have waited literally decades to finally take the plunge and get braces, something I have wanted for 45 years. I found myself always trying to smile with my mouth closed. Finally, when I turned 59 I decided to just do it. I went into visit an orthodontist and was told I needed to have teeth extracted, which would be a problem since I had been on osteoporosis medicine. I consulted Dr. Norris. He was able to manage my orthodontics without extracting the teeth. He took great care to shape my teeth and align them in a way I never dreamed I'd see in my own mouth. He works in a professional way, and yet is very down to earth and sensitive to the needs of his clients. It feels great to finally, after all years, have a great smile, teeth and all! " - Pamela May, 62 years old

Dr. Norris is wonderful! He is kind, patient, and easy to work with. He made sure we understood each step and made my daughter feel comfortable at every appointment. The results he was able to achieve were even better than we were hoping for. My daughter loves the way her smile looks now, we are so grateful for Dr. Norris and recommend him to all our friends! - Jana Jones

I enjoyed going to my orthodontist appointments because every time Dr. Norris would do something to make me laugh. I am glad I had braces, the difference is obvious. My teeth are straighter and now I'm proud to smile and show off my teeth. All in all, Don Norris is a wonderful orthodontist and I'm glad he was the one working on my teeth. - Brayden Pierce

A Beautiful office! Very friendly and inviting. Kid friendly with entertainment/video games for kids in the waiting room. Clean and comfortable. Not intimidating at all. - Jared George

I visited Norris Orthodontics last week and was impressed with the staff, office, and especially Dr. Norris. It was a very comfortable environment. Having braces calls for many trips to the orthodontist. Spending time there is something that I not only wouldn't mind, but I would look forward to it. Very family friendly. Highly recommended! - Christy Berry

I had braces as a teenager and it looks like at least one of my children will need them as well in a few years. When that time comes, Don will be our orthodontist of choice. The office has a great location, easy parking, and Don is both capable and kind. - Judd Anderton

Dr. Norris has been my orthodontist for two years now, and I can’t say enough great things about him. He always puts his patients’ needs first. He goes out of the way to ask if I have had any problems from visit to visit. He shows genuine concern if things are not going as anticipated, and immediately comes up with a plan for correction/adjustment.

Dr. Norris’ bedside manner is exceptional and he is very personable. We often talk about how our families are doing and it is clear that his wife and kids are his main priority in his life!

Dr. Norris is an excellent doctor! He truly cares about his patients, and gets things done…what else can you ask for in an orthodontist? I highly recommend him to anyone that needs orthodontic services. - Christy